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Zoom With Us!  

We hope you will join us for some Zoom meet ups.  Meet with Angela Ben's mom and learn how she brought Ben from nonverbal, extermely low IQ to finding his superpowers - AND- have your child meet Ben and other children/teens with autism so they can practice social skills while sharing their superpowers!

Autism Superpowers Q & A with Angela

Join Angela Blanchet, Ben's mom to ask questions related to how she helped bring Ben from non verbal, exremely low iq score to finding his superpowers. This is a small group limited to 10 people so that we can help and support your questions and concerns. Learn about how Angela faciliated language in Ben and helped him through many different sensory and social challenges.  Angela will also answer questions about homeschooling and share homeschool tips and tricks. Angela is not a therapist/doctor or medical professional. Her advice is based on her own personal experience and strategies she has used to help facilitate a language and support her son.


Sunday April 11 4pm-5pm EST

Monday April 12th 8pm-9pm EST

Saturday April 17th 12pm-1pm EST

Monday April 19th 8pm-9pm EST

Autism Superpowers Social Group

Facilitated by Ben's mom, Angela Blanchet, this social meet up will be a fun way for kids/teens with autism and special needs to practice social skills while sharing their superpowers.  Ben will be attending these groups and sharing his superpowers as he looks forward to seeing and hearing about your superpowers too. This will be a small group of no more than 10 kids.


Thursday April 15th 6pm-7pm EST

Sunday April 18th 4pm-5pm EST

Thursday April 22nd 6pm-7pm EST

Sunday April 25th 6pm-7pm EST