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Coaching Session with Angela Blanchet

As a mom and homeschool teacher of a child with autism, I understand and have empathy over the stress, and uncertainty that comes with an autism diagnosis.  It can be extremely overwhelming and your first instinct is to do all that you can to "fix" it.  I have leanred through my son Ben, that autism does not  need to be "fixed".  It is us who need to shift our perspecitve and focus and look at the world through their lense.  When we can learn to do this, we have new hope and are then able to find abilites in our chidlren that we didn't realize were always there.    I have been able to bring Ben from non verbal, mental retardation IQ scores, unable to write, unable to carry a conversation, unable to be flexible with his ocd and needing constant sensory input, to a teen who is academically on grade level, has written books, creates videos where he talks to his audience, answers questions and has learned to be flexible.  I am not saying that I have "fixed" his autism or that his autism is gone.  Ben has autism.  It is part of who he is. He still has some struggles.  What I am saying is that I have leanred through Ben how to work with him by joining his world and thinking outside the box in order to notice his abilites and foster his superpowers.  I would now love to offer what I have learned to help others bring out the language and abilites in their own children.

My goals are to:

*Help you notice and foster your child's superpowers

*Provide you with tips and strategies for successful homeschooling