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Ask Ben's Mom

Angela Blanchet, Ben's mom offers "Ask Ben's Mom" services where she answers questions about her experience homeschooling Ben and helping him to develop and grow from a non verbal low  functioning child with autism to a now 14 year old author who sees his autism as a superpower.   Her goal is to help coach parents who are confused and overwhelmed by autism so they can find the superpowers and unique abilities in their children.   

Ask Ben's Mom ... The Parenting Path To Autism Superpowers 

Angela Blanchet has a BA in psychology, MS in nutrition and is a published author. She has been homeschooling her children for 10 years. She has also worked online as an teacher of English to children in China. She is the creator of "EYE SEE YOU" an educational game designed to improve Eye Contact in children with autism. She has brought her son from nonverbal low functioning autism to finding his autism superpowers!

*Ask Ben's mom services are intended as parent coaching based on her personal experience educating and helping her own son Ben with his autism. Angela Blanchet is not an autism therapist or autism medical professional. These sessions are not meant to replace medical or professional advice.


1 hour phone/skype/facetime session


1/2 hour phone/skype/factime